Start now! We'll make it easy.  Here, two key pieces of advice REBEL TALENT has seen work really well: 

Discover your hidden talent and use it to do your best work.

1. Your success depends on having a peer to talk to who understands learning disabilities and the mental health issues that inevitably come with them, such as anxiety or depression.

2. Your success depends on being able to then tell your 'story' or elevator pitch in a positive way that reveals your strengths. The result? Pride, creativity, less anxiety.

Learn more about REBEL TALENT'S Founder, Denise Brodey and her work

REBEL TALENT founder, Denise Brodey, is a book author and senior contributor at FORBES, who gives neurodiverse minds a way to create positive, productive workplaces. The key retraining our brains to be confident and think positively after years of getting negative feedback. Rebel Talent is also changing the way businesses and employees talk about different kinds of minds.


THEN: masking or camouflaging differences, feeling awkward or defensive. Not confident enough to kickstart change.  


NOW: mental health and learning disabilities aren't worth hiding. When you suppress a feeling, you suppress a strength. That makes everyone on a team less effective.

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New in 2020: The Elephant in the Office,
(part 2 of the elephants-everywhere series.)


50% of people with learning disabilities are jobless. Only 20% (of all people) with a disability are employed.


49% of people turned down jobs due to a bad recruiting experience.


 1 in 3  job candidates who reveal their mental health status report being turned down for a job.

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Advice for living in a COVID-19 world

This crisis is  an opportunity to change social norms. It's also a time during which you can shine. When weird is the new normal, neurodiverse minds thrive. Getting a job depends on how you can tell your story of neurodiversity—or decide not to.  Updating your story includes thinking of your difference as a strength. Ask yourself, who am I at work?


once you figure out who you are, the rest is cake.

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