I founded Rebel Talent in 2018. ( See companies I have worked with and comments about my impact, below.) I am an ADHD-er, dyslexic, and have sensory processing disorder.  But most of the time you'd never know it. In fact, you probably know people with learning disabilities who never talk about them. I help quirky workers and organizations to be confident, find jobs, and educate their employers and peers about neurodiversity. No shame. No blame. The people who hire me (see client list below) agree the conversations we foster help curb misunderstandings and limit bias.

Our online events are grounded in the idea that learning about neurodiversity does not have to be fraught with legal questions. It's personal. It's about humans. For me, respect and curiosity are the foundation of any inclusion program.  


I can't wait to help you. With gratitude,

Denise Brodey


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