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DID YOU KNOW? 62% of employees want leadership to talk openly about mental health at work.


Research shows face-to-face conversations are three times as successful as emails or using other technology.  Let's talk.

 We respect neurodiversity and understand mental illness. Our stories—of ADHD, anxiety, depression and more— are also stories of success. By speaking and writing honestly about our career paths, we've changed hundreds of lives.

We strongly believe there is no substitute for creating relationships. Connecting can humanize mental health issues and help neurodiverse employees feel proud, engaged and respected.


REBEL TALENT is building a movement to help job seekers, employees, managers, and businesses rethink workforce culture together.

Conversation starter examples:

  1. disclosure

  2. accommodations

  3. coaching

  4. smart resources for stressed-out times 

  5. you are not alone--peer support

  1. the business case for mental health programs 

  2. peer-to-peer work

  3. 'open-faced' leadership 

  4. Awareness Months (SPRING 2020)

  5.  inviting feedback from staff