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How to Stop Working Like a Norm in a Diff World (A GUIDE FOR NORMS)

It's 2023. Are you there, norms? It's me, Diff. (aka an ADHD, dyslexic brain who does not do all my fantastic work the way an average person might. I want you to know that we can get along. We can do awesome work together. Let's start:

ALT TEXT: A guide to how norms can work best with DIFF thinkers. 1. Let go of status-quo-ism. We've done it that way for years is an outdated phrase. 2. Research shows diversity of thought changes business for the better. That includes people who are ADHD, autistic and have other learning disabilities. 3. Employees with LD don't want to demand change, they want to help create it. That's why we're asking you to try out a more open mindset at work.

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