On World Mental Health Day, Be A Badass and Call Out Bullying Behavior

Research shows nearly 50% of the workforce feels bullied. It's possible that the other 50% may not even understand that their incivility qualifies as bullying (and that's being kind).

And you guessed it...remote work is making bullying behavior easier. In Higher Education, it looks like this. According to FairyGodBoss, signs of bullying look like this. It's getting very ugly out there.

Do you need help? On the eve of World Mental Health Day, the caring folks at Give An Hour have mental health resources at the ready. Here's their latest one pager and a link to a webinar tomorrow. I'm following their lead. One way we can #ChangeDirection is by giving employees the tools to armor up emotionally. I hope you will join us. #worldmentalhealthday

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