What The Worst Day of An Intern's Summer Can Look Like (and how to prevent one)

Many students are working two or three jobs/internships, often unpaid, and then trying to make some cash for school in between. This year again, many are working remotely. The setup makes it tough to be seen, ask questions or to check in. It can also feel isolating and take a toll on mental health. Be open. Don't refer to interns as 'noobs' or shut them out of meetings that might be learning opportunities...and please, don't ask them to dress up as a paper receipt (see above from Twitter). Wow did this guy took one for the team—and during Men's Mental Health Week, too!

Guys, it's no wonder so many of you are burnt out. Get advice, resources and find a community by following the hashtag #MensMentalHealthWeek. Also check out our advisory board member Marc Almodovar's weekly chats for men. And forget shame. The only shame is people that don't understand the impact of poor mental health on men.

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If you need immediate help, The Mental Health Coalition suggests two resources:

1. Text COALITION to Crisis Text Line at 741741 or

2. call The Lifeline at 1800-273-8255 for support.

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