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How Not to Let Money Stress Ruin Your Holidays

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

My best tip for getting through the holiday 'big spend' season with less worry or shame? Tell people the truth. Between inflation, job insecurity and debt, you are probably not in a place to go all out.

Not sure friends and family will buy that argument after what you just spent on Black Friday? I've got you and your bargain-hunting fingers covered. Read the full set of tips and the facts on how other people are really faring, on Remedy Health, where I am a contributor. (Just push the little red button, below.)

I offer strategies to talk about what you can give— smaller gifts that mean a lot. Plus, advice on not backing down. If you're like me, you've made more than a few impulsive money mistakes thanks to ADHD this year—and it's time to focus on being in a better financial place in 2023.

And for those of you loaded with cash? Don't walk, run, to help others. So many people—and our planet—are depending on your help. Thank you.

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