Denise Brodey

Founder, Rebel Talent

Expertise: ADHD, advocacy

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Toby Kessler

Expertise:  Creative Producer,  Mental Health Advocate

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Marc Almodovar

Podcaster/Peer Counselor

Expertise: Wellness, ADHD in Men, Peer Groups

  • Twitter

Shakira Rouse

Expertise: Learning Support, Yoga/Mind-Body Wellness

  • Image by Brett Jordan

Diann Wingert


Expertise:  ADHD, Therapist

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Gary Ireland

Podcasts, Leadership

Expertise: Employment Law, Social Justice, ADHD

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Dr. Karen Fortuna

Higher Ed/Dartmouth

Expertise: Peer Support, Published Research

  • LinkedIn

Krys Kornmeier

Normal Isn't Real

Expertise: Documentary Film, and Curriculum 

  • LinkedIn

Alyshia Hull

Lifestyle Influencer

Expertise:, Mental Health, Organizing

  • YouTube
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