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Rebel Talent Experts & Advisors

Denise Brodey

Rebel in Chief, 

Lived Experience: ADHD


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Diann Wingert

Therapist by training,

ADHD Coach by choice.

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Gary Ireland

Employment Attorney, Advocate

Expertise: Civil Rights, Mediation

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Karen Fortuna

 Ph.D., Dartmouth, 

Expert: Digital Peer Support

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Krys Kornmeier

Filmmaker Normal Isn't Real

Expertise: LD/ADHD

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Alyshia Hull

Writer, Lived Experience: 

Learning Disabilities Advocate

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Toby Kessler

Designer, Photographer

Lived Experience: ADHD

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Is there an elephant in your office? Let's talk about it! 

We are making neurodiversity—ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and more— a valuable asset in the workplace by supporting peer power, positivity, and pride. Why let your differences be the elephant in the room? You've earned your stripes, now show them off with pride.

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