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Rebel Talent helps diverse minds get confident, get hired, and do

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Listen to Denise Brodey's  conversation with neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf here: 

Everything about your neurodiversity—ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, sensory processing differences, even your anxiety—can be a  valuable asset in the post-pandemic world.


The troubled world we live in will only improve if people who think differently—that's you— share their ideas, take risks, and demand leadership roles they deserve.

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October News & Podcast Links

ALL NEW! Listen to Denise Brodey's conversation with neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf here in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

READ Denise Brodey's latest article on helping leaders talk about  mental health in Forbes.com

LISTEN to Denise speak about quirky workers on The Spin Cycle podcast. Episode 26.

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