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Rebel Talent began as a simple idea: Give voice to ADHD employees who were struggling to be successful at work. The 20% of us who are ADHD and also have learning disabilities knew we were different and talented but had no idea how to ask for help. Turns out, most of you still don't.


But after interviewing dozens of employers, managers, job seekers and neurodivergent young adults, I do. My name is Denise Brodey and for 10 years now I have studied the art of communicating difference, how to behave in an organizational culture that limits creativity and change, and what gets people hired and fired. 

NO BAD EMPLOYEES. There are only poorly educated managers and leaders—and under confident, sometimes defensive neurodivergent employees and job seekers. 

AT REBEL TALENT, WE ARE THOUGHT LEADERS through surveys, interviews and focus groups, we've identified who gets hired and how. We know when personality and work style conflicts occur and how to prevent them. We help employers, employees and job seekers talk about the Elephant in the Office. 

INDIVIDUALS  If you want to be a part of the movement to bridge the gap between what I call "norms" and 'diffs' in the workplace, sign up for updates, free downloads, short news bulletins and future webinars. 

LEADERS: If you want to communicate, support, promote and enjoy working with people who are different learners and workers (ADHD, ADD, dyslexic and more), let's talk. You can work with us to create newsletter content, custom impact reports and create lived-experience focus groups.

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I AM Denise Brodey.




I founded REBEL TALENT six years ago. I kicked off this project of educating businesses on how to hire more people like me—the 20% of adults who are ADHD and/or have learning disabilities—by talking openly about how different I am. Friend, family and colleagues were concerned. They felt I would be bullied and face stigma.


They were right. But today I am thriving because I know how to talk about my differences and my talents. You can too. Rebel Talent is a community of fellow advocates and business people who understand the value of difference and create content, presentations and focus groups that help people get to know us—as people. Not as numbers or labels.

 It takes time—both for employers and employees—to be clear about how best to make accommodations, even small ones. But the diversity of thought it brings to businesses has been proven to increase profits by 30%. It's time to put more people into jobs. It's time to educate bosses and line managers and HR on who were are. 


In 2023, Rebel Talent is putting neurodiverse talent on the map. We are building something truly brilliant—a network of businesses, coaches and advocates who can inform businesses with our lived experience. We will no longer be the elephant in the room. We will be visible. Join us—and get free visibility as well as some paid opportunities to show leaders how to work collaboratively with diverse minds.


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