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MEET REBEL TALENT Founder Denise Brodey

New in 2020:
The Elephant in the Office,
(part 2 of the elephants-everywhere series.)
By Denise Brodey Available now on

REBEL TALENT founder, book author and Senior Contributor at FORBES, Denise Brodey writes and speaks about helping diverse minds—and she does it with eye-opening candor and uncommon humor.

Rebel Talent is about disrupting the status quo and collaborating with businesses.

It's not complicated—but it is a change. Are you ready? Let's talk.

2020 BOOKINGS: Book Rebel Talent - Let's get you on the calendar now! 

Hear the latest from Denise Brodey on The Spin Cycle Podcast. She speaks briefly about her personal story and how confident collaboration, not disruption, can best show your talent.

PRAISE For Denise's Work and Rebel Talent

"If you care to work with someone quick and smart, who sees the world in fresh and unique ways, and who has the energy and experience to turn all of that into something good for your business, call Denise".

—Scott Stein, USA TODAY

"Denise moderated our Worldwide Mental Health Day event this past year.  She listened, gave everyone time to talk and was engaging. I’d have her back to speak at any time especially as it pertains to her expertise on mental health and opening up dialogues in the workplace."—Jennifer DaSilva, Berlin Cameron 

"In today’s marketplace, there are few people like Denise who can speak to both the human and business side of being inclusive and help you to create programming and collateral that sticks."

—Tricia Roth, Director of Marketing and Engagement at Travelability Summit

“Denise is the ultimate inclusion rebel! I love her energy and passion around inclusion for all. She's open, honest, and a true voice for the community.” 
—KR Liu, Accessibility Executive, Speaker

"Denise is highly knowledgeable about all things related to disability inclusion and mental health awareness. As the world becomes increasingly diverse, her writing is ever-more timely." —Ruth Umoh, FORBES 


50% of people with learning disabilities are jobless. Only 20% (of all people) with a disability are employed.


49% of people turned down jobs due to a bad recruiting experience.


 1 in 3  job candidates who reveal their mental health status report being turned down for a job.

Learn how minds of all kinds can do their best work without stigma or fear.

Every step toward being yourself at work, no matter how small, makes a big difference in your confidence and your success.