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About Denise Brodey,
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DENISE BRODEY is a Forbes senior contributor and the founder of the Boston-based boutique consulting firm, Rebel Talent, which creates impact reports and interactive workshop materials for Fortune 500 companies interested in hiring and supporting unconventional talent. Her research shows leaders and managers how to create high-performing teams that embrace neurodiversity. I also speak to ERG and BRG groups. For testimonials, visit REBEL TALENT FOR EMPLOYERS.


Corporate clients include The Valuable 500, Salesforce, Barclay’s, Getty Images and Landmark College. For more details, see REBEL TALENT FOR EMPLOYERS.


"Change starts not at the top—but in the middle and at the edges—where crucial conversations about stress and work styles take place" —Denise Brodey 



Brodey is believes that data can only go so far. The business with an advantage in 2023 will have the insights and systems to help put change into action.


"I believe ADHD and dyslexic employees as well as understanding of mental health concerns are the wild card that will help businesses be both positive, productive and successful," says Brodey.


Brodey began speaking publicly about her lived experience with anxiety and ADHD after 20 years in the national media, as a deputy editor at Glamour Magazine and general manager at USA TODAY.


Her first book, The Elephant in the Playroom (Penguin), includes the stories of 41 families raising and caring for children with invisible illness and was named a Library Journal Best Book upon publication.


She was named the 2023 Harrison Sylvester Awardee by the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s (LDAA) in January. Broad Futures, which connects neurodivergent adults to corporate internships, awarded her their 2021 Champions’ Award. 


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