As you read this, talented 'different thinkers' are being overlooked by employers. They want to work.  So why are businesses still searching for talent? Learn more:

Looking for a Mentor When Leadership Won't Talk—Forbes

 If you're neurodiverse, it can be tougher to find a mentor.  

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Adult ADHD: What it Feels Like To Have It -

The truth? It's hard. It's awesome. It's all here in black and white.

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The Inner Lives of Rebels and Nonconformists—Medium

You've got a lot going on in there—and you're not like everyone else. Read this and realize you are not alone.

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This is Why Faking It Until You Make It at Work Is a Bad Idea - HuffPost

Find out why being the real you at work is becoming easier.

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What Workplace Rebels With ADHD Want You To Know — Forbes

Get the most honest career advice from people with lived experience.

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ADULT Dyscalculia--What it Feels Like To Have It—Different Brains 

Why don't we talk about this stuff in Career Services? Here's a  start.

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