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"Help! New Summer Job. Huge Anxiety. How Do I Manage My ADHD?"

Stop with all those 'help-me-I'm-free-falling' nightmares. You've got this.

I didn't know I was ADHD or dyslexic for a long time. I had no idea why I made typos, missed information in conversations when the topic bored me and showed up late to meetings. But I made it through my first job and second and you will too. Here's how:

photo description: Young man w/ sunglasses, shorts and tee sliding face first down stairs screaming his head off.

  1. Choose a field (or people to work with) that you care about or give you a sense of purpose. You don't have to be super passionate—just care enough to do more than okay. Maybe you decide to work in a bookstore even if you don't love reading. Apply for the data analysis position. You love a good spreadsheet. The back of the house with all the accountants and marketing wonks is where you'll thrive.

  2. Get to know your coworkers as people. Create allies. Buy an ice coffee for the coworker wilting from the heat after an outdoor event. Why? Because a $7 latte can feel life saving—guaranteeing they will return your kindness. Maybe they cover for you when you're late? And if you are ADHD, you will be late at least once this summer.

  3. Manage mental load. Let your boss know when you're likely to hit a focus wall and offer a solution. If long Zoom meetings overwhelm you, suggest making an AI summary of the meeting. Offer to share it with the group.

  4. Fess up. At least half of your coworkers are making mistakes at work, not fessing up and causing the team undue stress. If you make an error, admit it and try to fix it. The amount of energy you will waste 'covering' is not worth it.

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