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ADHD Leaders: You Don't Have To Disclose Your Diagnosis To Support Employees Like You

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Stand up for coworkers and friends who are neurodivergent, even if you aren’t disclosing your own neurodivergence. Show them that they are seen and understood.

You are a success, not despite your difference, but because of them. Now help someone else climb the ladder and enjoy their dream job.

Your abilities—hyper-focus, empathy, big picture and critical thinking—have propelled you to a position of power. To do that, you needed to rack up small wins at first. Remember that time? I know you do. People struggling to find a place where they feel psychological safety need those wins even more. In my opinion, as a Rebel Talent, it is your duty to be that helper who makes it easier to climb the ladder of success. Come on, we know you're out there. One in five adults has a learning difference or ADD. Do what you can where you can to help the 20% who are ADHD or work differently to make their mark. It's not rocket science.

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