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Dear ADHD Talent: F*ck Your To-Do List And Be More Productive At Work

This month, everyone is pressed for time. So I asked myself, "If I could only offer one

piece of advice, what soul-sucking career-killing behavior could I help people avoid?” Procrastination was the obvious choice.

Here's what I know for sure. The biggest bully isn't always your boss. It's that voice in your head. Like those super-magnifying mirrors in hotel rooms, when you spend time ruminating or ‘self-reflecting’ on what needs to be done, all you are really doing is picking yourself apart. Bad idea.

F*CK The To Do List. Start A “Done!’ List Focus on what you are achieving. And you ARE achieving. You are doing a lot of things you may consider a waste of time or not 'real work'. But they are. Write them down.

Here’s How Grab a piece of paper and a Sharpie—or use a whiteboard if you have one. Not only is it exciting to write out an accomplishment (i.e. reviewed 2023 insurance coverage, booked vet appointment, made research outline for presentation, finished Lesson 1 of Excel 2.0 training class), it shows you all the ways you didn’t waste time.

Bonus Points

You’ll also have a ready-made list of what to talk to your boss or therapist about at a check-in. Beware—it's addictive and can lead to huge career and personal successes.

The idea is slightly counterintuitive. That’s the beauty of ADHD brains—we think differently!

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