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Updated: May 26, 2021

Join Rebel Talent in committing to dropping the cover and coming out as neurodiverse. Celebrate Rebel Talent's Bring Your Real Self To Work Day. (You can do this any day of the year using #bringyourrealself) What You Need to Know to Practice BYRSTWD2021:


2021 Theme:“Drop in. Come out. Be Seen”

Core Message: On this day, basically every day, it’s your time to enjoy being neurodiverse and to be seen.

Tools: If you have an invisible disability, you can also feel free to use your invisible middle finger. Then get back to business.

Bring Your Real Self to Work Day (BYRSTWD) is an effort to give the 28% of people in the workforce who are different (as in, ADHD, dyslexic, NVLD, highly-sensitive) a chance to shine.

Get involved: As you might have guessed, people with lived experience will make up 99.9% of the event committee.

The only requirement is that you share how you would make work as welcoming and rewarding as possible for neurodiverse employees and job seekers. email tips, videos and hilarious snapshots [family-friendly, of course] to

Gratitude moment: I'd like to thank the larger disability community and advocacy organizations that have been driving home the serious and life-saving messages on matters including health care, voting rights, access to education, emergency resources and a seat at the national table in Congress and in business.

Rallying cry: BE YOURSELF! BYRSTWD is not that kind of rallying cry, but it is one that is equally important to me. It’s about Pride. Pride. Pride.

Profound truth: Pride, I think, can be lifesaving. It has been for me.

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