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How to Get A Job When You Have ADHD (up to 80% of ADHDers are unemployed or underemployed, FYI)

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Right now, finding work is about being yourself and making every effort to connect with anyone who can appreciate your brilliance and talent and will talk you up wherever they go.

Connecting with people on LinkedIn or in your neighborhood or through good friends can be daunting. But it gets damn good results. Play the long game and imagine how down the line, researching and reaching out to friends or neighbors or community resources will give you pride and purpose. Connecting and having conversations about your career creates opportunities and relationships. Stop sending out resumes cold. Stop filling in forms. Get on the phone. Send a text. Meet in the park. Grab a coffee. Just start. As always, if you are seeking resources or have fresh research insights or a job to offer a REBEL TALENT, DM me:

In the meantime, you might like HOW TO MANAGE BIAS AND SHAME LIKE A PRO, which I wrote for @Forbes. I will also post more job resources for neurodivergent folks soon.

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