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The #1 Question I Get About Neurodiversity and Hiring

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Q: How do I get started hiring and supporting neurodiverse talent?

A: Find someone who can connect you with a group of real live neurodiverse people who will speak honestly about how they feel— ADHDers, dyslexics, highly sensitive people nd more, who are rebelling against the norm and talking openly about how they work and succeed in the world.

That's what we do at REBEL TALENT: Connect neurodiverse talent in a virtual 'group' setting with people who don't know the first darn thing about us. Then we exchange ideas and learn from each other. Clients tell us they learn more in an hour of conversation than they have in a year's worth of training videos (and for a lot less $$). Email to set up a trial summer group now


—Denise Brodey, founder, Rebel Talent.

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