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These Two Wildly Popular Articles About Neurodivergent Employees Shock Me

I keep reading articles explaining why neurodivergent people are great hires. I can't take it anymore! Employers need to stop asking: Why hire neurodivergent employees? Instead, ask: Why hire average folks?

How can I put this so you will get it? I really want you to understand the change in mindset.

How about this.

Just because a cookie fits in the tin doesn't mean it won't crumble. Or put another way, just because the recruiter said a candidate had a fantastic 'personality test'

that showed leadership doesn't mean that personality will know how to do extraordinary critical thinking under pressure. Neurodivergent minds often thrive in tough situations and do their best critical thinking under pressure. We're wired that way.

But in the following two stories, neurodivergent people like me (ADHD, dyslexic) get stuck defending our differences. The article I want to read is: What's up with wanting to hire so normal? But alas, this is where we are. There's nothing wrong with it. But there's nothing very right about it either. Here:

  1. This one is from the Society of Human Resources Management, an American organization which tends to offer easy-to-swallow generalizations.

  2. Next, The British Psychological Society article. It's more surprising in its low-key unimpressed approach to neurodivergent people (Autistics, ADHD brains, dyslexics and other people whose minds are wired differently).

I would like people to start asking: Why should I hire an average person? What's so blessedly brilliant about 'normal' thinkers?

I'm begging you, please try to work less normal.

Norms are basically warm bodies who show up and do their work just like they do every day. Nothing wrong with that. But what about a warm body who shows up to do their work every day but thinks like a Diff? I'll give you an example: A Diff would think about solving a problem with customer service by turning the idea around in their head and drawing out a customer journey chart because they are a visual thinker? A Diff is so relentlessly hyper-focused on pleasing a boss or a client that they spend an entire day listening to podcast and talks they've done to get to the central idea that drives that client? That's not normal. That's fantastic. That's neurodivergent. That's a Diff.

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